Web blocking software - Safe Eyes
  • Block pornography
  • 35 categories of filtering
  • Custom lists of banned sites
  • Lock in safe-search on google

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Effectively Block Pornography

No parental control software program is better to block porn than Safe Eyes. That's why Safe Eyes is actually used in rehabilitation courses for pornography addiction. And with additional categories for sex, swimsuits, and lingerie, it can be as strict as you need it to be.

Filtering by Category

Safe Eyes has 35 website filtering categories that you can filter, and it's much more than just pornography. Safe Eyes can block websites dealing with weapons, violence, gambling, gangs, drugs, even dating. Accessing the industry's most extensive database, Safe Eyes works with you to decide what to filter and what to allow.

Create Your Own Custom White and Blacklists

In addition to the 35 categories that can be filtered, Safe Eyes allows you to control access to specific websites. So, if there are only a handful of sites you want your children to access, you can specify where they can go. Or if there is a site you want to be sure your children can not access for some reason, you can add it to a list of banned sites.