Safe Eyes - Internet Filtering
  • Filter YouTube video by video
  • Block pornographic videos
  • Filter online TV by rating
  • Block P2P and media players

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Video Filtering - Parental Controls for Online Video

Parental Controls for YouTube - Watch Only the Best YouTube Has to Offer!

YouTube is filled with entertaining and educational videos, but it's also filled with videos that contain inappropriate content for kids—including pornography. While most video filters only block YouTube, Safe Eyes filters out the bad videos and lets your kids enjoy the good ones.

Manage Online TV by Familiar Content Ratings

Sites like,, and are bringing the TV shows you know online, and that includes shows intended for adults. Safe Eyes is the only parental control software program that lets you easily manage your family's online TV viewing by choosing the age-appropriate ratings you already know, like TV-G and TV-PG. Just choose the appropriate rating and rest easy knowing your child will only be viewing content suited for their age group.

Block Peer-to-Peer Programs

Don't know what peer-to-peer programs are? That's ok, we do. They are media-sharing applications that are often used to download pirated material, which could get the whole family in trouble. Safe Eyes protects your family from both illegal and illicit content and your computer from malware by blocking peer-to-peer programs with a click of the mouse.