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How to Monitor for Cyberbullying

What Cyberbullying Is

Cyberbullying is the practice of bullying through electronic mediums such as social networking sites, and affects roughly one in five children in the United States. Bullying on social networks can quickly become viral, spreading to other sites and involving more and more children as the bullying continues. This can quickly lead to increased feelings of isolation and persecution which can lock children into a downward spiral, and has in some cases resulted in suicide. Cyberbullying is a very serious problem that all parents need to watch out for.

How Safe Eyes Can Help Alert Parents to Cyberbullying Involving Their Child

Cyberbullying occurs mostly online, and the online Activity Reports produced by Safe Eyes Parental Control Software can warn parents if their child is involved in Cyberbullying. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, the most obvious signs involve a marked change in the child's computer habits, and parents will be able to see these changes as they occur through the reports. Also, Safe Eyes can record posts on social networks containing custom keywords or phrases that the parent chooses, and will also record any posts containing profanity, common when children are either doing the cyberbullying or responding to it.

Other Things Parents Can Do

Once parents have the information they need to spot a problem with Cyberbullying, there are a few steps recommended by the Cyberbullying Research Center. They recommend that parents do not ban use of the Internet or the computer, but instead convey unconditional support to the child, and consult the child and teachers or school administrators about the problem.