PowerPoint Presentations on Internet Safety

Parenting 2.0: Raising Responsible Digital Citizens

Intended Audience: Parents of children aged 8-17
Topics Covered: General Internet safety; cyberbullying prevention and response;
our solutions
Length: Approximately 15 minutes

This short presentation is designed for meetings of parents, such as a PTA Meeting or community groups, and covers Internet safety as well as cyberbullying detection, prevention, and response.
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Internet Safety: Safely Navigating Uncharted Waters

Intended Audience: Children aged 8-17
Topics Covered: General Internet safety; responsible online use; cyberbullying response strategies; protecting private data
Length: Approximately 25 minutes

This presentation is designed for kids aged 9-16. It goes over the basics of how kids can keep themselves safe on Facebook, protect their reputation, and how to respond to cyberbullying.
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