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2010 Internet Safety Press Releases

10/21/2010 - Cyberbullying Tragedies Highlight Need for Parent Oversight
08/24/2010 - New Data Shows Continued Work Productivity Losses from Web Surfing
08/11/2010 - The Top Five Back-to-School Online Safety Questions Every Parent Should Ask
06/28/2010 - Says .XXX Domain Will Create Twice the Porn
06/01/2010 - Win a Porn-Blocked iPad in’s Twitter Contest
05/26/2010 - Geolocation Apps and Social Networks Can Be a Dangerous Combo
04/14/2010 - Dr. Laura Recommends ‘Safe Eyes’ for Child-Friendly Internet Use
04/06/2010 - Keeps Porn Off Apple’s iPad
02/23/2010 - Safe Eyes 6 Blocks Kids’ Access to Inappropriate Online TV & Movies
01/27/2010 - Sex Addiction Expert Craig Gross Sees Warning in Tiger Woods Case
01/20/2010 - New Computer or iPhone for Your Kids? Don’t Forget to Block the Porn
01/07/2010 - Safe Eyes 6 Adds New Protections for Children Online

2009 Internet Safety Press Releases

12/08/2009 - iPhone, iPod to Be Hottest Holiday Items
11/03/2009 - CEO to Testify at Federal Hearing on Online Child Safety
11/03/2009 - Safe Eyes Internet Filtering Software Earns ‘Compatible with Windows 7’ Logo
10/20/2009 - ‘Safe Eyes’ Software Recommended by National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families
10/01/2009 - Talk Show Hosts Rick & Bubba Endorse ‘Safe Eyes’ Family Internet Filter
09/10/2009 - Content Software Brands Come Under Fire for Selling Kids’ Chat Data
08/18/2009 - Cyberbullying Advice for Parents from & the Cyberbullying Research Center
07/29/2009 - How to Keep Kids out of Cyber-Trouble: Top Tips for 6 Problem Areas
07/08/2009 - Stops Cyberslacking with New ‘Safe Eyes Business'
06/29/2009 - Urges Parents to Child-Proof Apple iPhone
06/25/2009 - Selected to Power BetStopper, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation Program
06/23/2009 - Calls on China to Change Green Dam Filtering Program
06/16/2009 - Supplies Technology for McAfee Family Protection
06/10/2009 - ‘Ask’ Launched in Honor of Internet Safety Month
06/02/2009 - Rings the Alarm on
05/13/2009 - 10 Kid-Friendly iPhone Apps Recommended by
04/28/2009 - Seminary Combats Cyber-Temptation with 'Safe Eyes' Software
03/05/2009 - Dave Ramsey Endorses 'Safe Eyes' Family Internet Filter
02/02/2009 - 'Safe Eyes Mobile' Now Available at iPhone App Store
01/06/2009 - New 'Safe Eyes Mobile' Delivers First Internet Filter for Apple iPhone

2008 Internet Safety Press Releases

12/02/2008 - Taps Joe Stradinger as EVP Business Development
10/14/2008 - Keep YouTube 'Clean' for Your Kids with Safe Eyes
10/06/2008 - "Fireproof": New Movie Raises Awareness about Porn Addiction
06/15/2008 - New EtherShield Appliance Provides Internet Filtering for Smaller Networks
05/28/2008 - 10 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Networks
04/01/2008 - Safe Eyes 5.0 Parental Control Software Receives Parents' Choice Award
03/15/2008 - Lists Top 10 Online Time Wasters
02/26/2008 - New EtherShield Appliance Provides Internet Filtering for Smaller Networks
01/17/2008 - New 'Safe Eyes' Mac Edition Strengthens Web Control Powers for Parents

2007 Internet Safety Press Releases

10/11/2007 - Dennis Rainey and FamilyLife Highlight the Dangers of the Internet
10/09/2007 - Safe Eyes is Available to Focus on the Family Constituents
09/13/2007 - Partners with Australian Government
07/18/2007 - is now
06/12/2007 - Safe Eyes Wins PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award
06/04/2007 - Safe Eyes 5.0 Delivers the Internet to Parents on Their Terms
01/17/2007 - SafeBrowse and Microsoft Partner For Vista

2006 Internet Safety Press Releases

11/09/2006 - Protect Your Family With Safe Eyes Software
07/10/2006 - ID Tech Camps Choose Safe Eyes For Intel Macs
04/26/2006 - Safe Eyes Honored With PC Magazine's Prestigious Editor's Choice Award.
01/17/2006 - Top-Rated Internet Filter Introduces Safe Eyes 2006 For PC.