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The Best Activity Reports Available

Stay Informed of Your Child's Internet Activity

Cyberbullying, predators, and dangerous online interactions could be putting your child at serious risk, and if you don't know what your child is doing online, you aren't prepared to deal with these problems. Monitor internet activity with Safe Eyes Parental Control Software. Safe Eyes Activity Reports give you all the information you need to diagnose an online problem your child might be having, and discuss the problems with your child before they spiral out of control.

Easy-to-Read, Organized Information

Unlike other parental control software programs, Safe Eyes presents the information you need in easy-to-read, well organized reports that suit your preferences. You can receive either daily or weekly email summaries of top-level info such as common search terms, top sites visited, and videos watched, or you can view full Activity Reports which you can store on your computer or our servers. Keeping You Informed Wherever You A

Keeping You Informed Wherever You Are with Instant Alerts

Safe Eyes can alert you when your child tries to access a blocked site or activity via text, email, or even a phone call. Even when you are away from home, Safe Eyes is constantly watching your kids online and letting you know when they are not being safe.