Monitor Internet Usage: Usage with Timelimits

Monitor Internet Usage with Time Limit Features

Monitor Internet Usage: Time Limits on Internet Access

Much like watching television, time spent on the Internet can pass quickly. Safe Eyes' internet access controls allow you to determine how much time on the web is appropriate. Time Control allows you to set a fixed amount of time each user can access the Internet, as well as the time of day that you want the Internet to be available. It's another way you can trust Safe Eyes.

Monitor Internet Usage: Limit Time Online

You allocate the amount of time each day that a person can have access to the web. And Safe Eyes allows you to set different time limits for different users. Once a user's time limit has been reached, Safe Eyes ends access to the web and ensures that the user cannot regain access. Because the system clock is on the Safe Eyes server, the clock can't be tampered with. However, with the flexibility that Safe Eyes offers, the administrator can extend internet access time if it is needed.

Monitor Internet Usage: Schedule Internet Usage

You not only can control how long the Internet can be accessed, but also during what time periods. Safe Eyes lets you schedule the time of day that each user can log on to the web. With the usage clock housed on the Safe Eyes server, you can trust that the times you set are the times the Internet is available. And the flexibility of Safe Eyes allows you to change internet access control times as the administrator.