Safe Eyes Support

Install / Uninstall

How do I download and install Safe Eyes on multiple computers?

A single purchase of Safe Eyes parental control software can be installed on as many as three computers. Once you have established a Safe Eyes account you can download and install the parental control software by clicking here. You can download either the Windows or Mac version of our award winning parental control software and have access to the other platform as well.

After you have purchased Safe Eyes and you wish install your license on multiple computers (up to three), just follow these steps:

1. Access the computer you wish to have Safe Eyes installed.
2. Go online and visit our website at
3. Click on the My Account tab located near the top of the page.
4. Enter your Safe Eyes username & password, then choose Login
5. Click Download Safe Eyes on the left-hand side.
6. Click on the Download The Latest Version button located near the middle of the page.
7. Follow the prompts and instructions from there to complete the download and installation process.

If you have more than 3 computers and would like to use Safe Eyes on all of them, you can purchase additional licenses. The cost of an additional Safe Eyes license for more than 3 computers is $17 per computer. To purchase additional Safe Eyes licenses, please call Customer Service at 1-877-944-8080.

Note: You will need a valid Safe Eyes username and password to install the software. Safe Eyes 2005 and earlier versions are no longer supported. The latest version of Safe Eyes, Safe Eyes 6, does not require a serial number. Therefore, the serial number lookup is no longer available.