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What is the difference between my login password and the admin password?

Safe Eyes puts great emphasis on your security and safety. Because of this our software requires a two-level password system. When you create an account you must create two passwords to use Safe Eyes successfully.

Admin password - Controls access to the Safe Eyes admin area and protects the settings for your account from being changed. This can be reset in your Safe Eyes admin panel or by calling our support center at 1-877-944-8080. You will need the current admin password to reset it if you choose to call our support center.

Login password - In order to allow the users on your account to access the Internet, a password must be assigned to each account that you create. These accounts are created in the admin panel for Safe Eyes. Once a user account is created, a password is assigned that they will use to access the Internet. Each time a user tries to access the Internet, their password can be saved so that a manual login is not required and this process can be automated.


Even though the primary username is referred to as the Admin username, administrative privileges can only be obtained by using the Admin password. The Login password cannot be used with the admin username to make any changes at all to the filter settings.