Safe Eyes Support


Is ESET Smart Security, also known as NOD32 compatible with Safe Eyes?

Yes, ESET Smart Security, also known as NOD32 is compatible with Safe Eyes as long as you are running the latest version of the software which is ESET Smart Security 4 (version 4.1.424.0).

ESET Smart Security will need to be installed prior to installing Safe Eyes. When installing ESET Smart Security, you will want to use the “Custom” option so that you can set the Personal Firewall to what is called “Interactive Mode”. Having it in this mode will ensure that you are presented with a warning to allow or deny software applications. After installing ESET Smart Security, restart your computer before installing Safe Eyes.

During the Safe Eyes installation, ESET Smart Security will prompt you to allow Safe Eyes. You will also be prompted to allow Safe Eyes during the first login attempt. Once this is set, you will no longer have any issues using Safe Eyes with ESET Smart Security.

Note: If you install ESET Smart Security in the default mode, you will not be able to easily set custom rules or see whether Safe Eyes is allowed or blocked.